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About KBK Hospital

Founded by Dr. Bharath Kumar Kakkireni who is the Founder & Chairman of KBK Multi Speciality Hospitals, based in Texas, USA is an experienced Pharmacist having received his academic achievement in Pharmacy from Nizam Institute of Pharmacy (NIP) Hyderabad, he is also a working software technology professional with a highly talented business profile who ventures into new business projects with passion and enthusiasm to help and empower young people in their careers. He is a mentor, motivator and always steps forward following the principles of ethical and moral values

Dr. Bharath Kumar Kakkireni has founded KBK hospital with a sole purpose of helping minority groups of communities who are either away from being able to access medical and health care facilities, or unable to afford to receive the best healthcare.

Incorporated as KBK Hospital in the year 2022, located in the heart of Hyderabad city at LB Nagar near Nagarjuna Sagar Road, we are dedicated to provide emergency and needful healthcare services in every segment to you. We made our footprint in medicare with a mission to meet the ever growing demand in health services that have quadrupled after the Covid-19 pandemic. The rise in need for seasonal and long-term illness has necessitated the need of additional healthcare centers where you can access specialist services from time to time. Our mission and vision is to bring you both immediate and long-term treatment services to help you heal the sickness and enjoy a good and healthy life. To achieve this as a core value, we have a dedicated team of doctors who are specialists in various fields. To help you with checkups, lab tests and others, KBK hospital has also accommodated staff and nurses who work 24/7 attending to you and providing most requisite and emergency medical services.

The founder collaborates with young and dynamic medical professionals who work with passion to help the poor and needy.

There are many locations in the State of Telangana where healthcare facilities have not reached and people continue to experience lack of medical care for their common and long-standing health issues.

Having set up KBK hospital to offer the best treatment from medical professionals, the founder also envisions creating the best medical facilities and amenities among the locals to be able to access their treatments and enjoy good health.

Target audience who include from infants to seniors, all are entitled to receive the medical and health benefits from KBK hospital.

Especially after the pandemic period, healthcare in the State of Telangana is seen as a top priority particularly in the premises where the locals do not find any kind of emergency healthcare centers for women and children.

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