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Filariasis Treatment in Hyderabad

Filariasis is the most common mosquito-borne infectious disease in humans. Transmission occurs when the infective larvae released by mosquitoes penetrate the skin and migrate through the subcutaneous tissue to lymphatics, where they mature into adult worms that reach 1.0-2.0 cm in length. The World Health Organization (WHO) has targeted 2020 as the year to be declared free of lymphatic Filariasis, one of its global targets under "Ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for all at all ages" (Empowerment).

Hospitals for Filariasis treatment in Hyderabad offer the best treatment in the country. It can cause long-term problems or sometimes lead to death if left untreated. The correct treatment depends on the exact symptoms and other health problems patients may be suffering from. We have the best doctors for filariasis treatment in the town.

Filariasis treatment in Hyderabad

Filariasis is a disease that infects the lymphatic system and the heart. This infection can cause long-term damage to your body. Filariasis Wounds Treatment in Hyderabad provides the most effective treatments. Our experienced doctors will treat your Filariasis with the latest medical technologies available in India.

Filariasis Wounds Treatment is for both chronic as well as acute wound diseases. It helps form new skin, heal the wound, and prevent complications that lead to amputations. This technic used to treat all wounds, including circumcisions, surgical, post-cancer therapy, and others.

Another treatment is Filariasis Treatment Medicine is readily available in Hyderabad. It has three active ingredients: ivermectin, diethylcarbamazine, and albendazole. Also, multidrug therapy for filarial disease is effective, safe, and well-tolerated by patients.

It is a conventional treatment that contributes to long-term treatment of microfilaremia, prevention of transmission, and prevents complications associated with chronic infection.

Filariasis Treatment

Filariasis treatment duration depends on the number of worms, their severity, and the type of filarial disease. Generally, there are two types of treatment: one is curative to kill all adult worms in a person's body. And the other is preventive, where medicine is taken to prevent further growth of parasitic nematodes.

Other Filariasis treatments are antifilarial drugs, surgical treatments, and mass drug administration can be used In the case of anemia, blood transfusions may be needed.

But, the recommended duration of treatment for Filariasis is six months because the parasites, when transmitted to humans, can remain dormant for years before causing clinical manifestations.

Some other points include:

  • Washing the swollen areas with antibacterial soap and water daily can help prevent infection.
  • Elevate the swollen part and gently move it to improve lymphatic fluid flow.
  • If you have any wounds, apply an antifungal or antibacterial cream.
  • To encourage mobility, use a compression bandage to support your swollen limbs.

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Filariasis treatment dose is available depending on the disease's type and severity. The required dose, the site of administration, and the duration of treatment depend upon whether it is acute or chronic Filariasis and whether it has been neglected.

The recommended dose of Mectizan is two tablets taken by mouth every 6-12 months. If a patient misses a dose and their next dose is more than 1 month away, they should be re-evaluated. Filariasis treatment dose is very safe and effective.

Filariasis cured permanently with Oxyherbalism; the heart of our therapy is the herbal product. A parasite exists within 3 layers of our body, including skin and subcutaneous tissue, lymphatic system, and blood vessels. The products will destroy these parasites to make you permanently disease-free.

Is Filariasis curable?

No, Filariasis is not curable, but several classes of drugs are currently being used to treat the disease. The sooner you start treatment, the easier it is for the medicine to work. Although these conditions can't be cured, they can be managed and their symptoms reduced. People with chronic conditions may face negative social impacts. For example, if they have obvious symptoms such as extreme swelling, they may experience social stigma. Or, if they have npainful or swollen joints that limit their ability to work, their ability to earn a living may be affected.

Is Filariasis a viral disease?

Yes, it is a viral disease that mainly affects the lymphatic system. Infestation of the mosquito causes blockage of lymph vessels resulting in massive swelling of the lymph nodes, commonly known as Filariasis. Lymphatic Filariasis is a neglected tropical disease caused by microscopic, worm-like parasites. Over 120 million people worldwide have lymphatic Filariasis, and 1.3 billion people live in areas where lymphatic Filariasis is transmitted. If not treated, lymphatic Filariasis can cause a disfiguring disease or a disease that leads to severe disability.

Which doctor to consult for Filariasis?

Are you one of those who have been affected by Filariasis? Do you wish to know which doctor can treat your condition in the best way? We have the best doctors for filariasis treatment to diagnose this parasitic disease and suggest a way forward based on the severity of your condition.

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