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A chronic wound fails to heal and shows no signs of healing process even after 30 days. Some of the causes could be - a lot of pressure and extreme wounds, increased bacteria, improper treatment and several others.

First,chronic wounds are thoroughly and regularly cleaned and covered using wound dressings and bandages. If the wound is still not healed, then skin grafts or vacuum-assisted closure treatments are used.

A chronic wound is one that has failed to progress through the phases of healing in an orderly and timely fashion and has shown no significant progress toward healing in 30 days. Factors contributing to the chronicity of the wound may include:

  • Pressure, trauma and/or lower extremity wounds
  • Increased bacterial load
  • Excessive proteases: Degraded growth factors, matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), degraded cell surface structures
  • Senescent/Aberrant cells
  • Inappropriate treatment

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