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Diabetic Foot Ulcer treatment

KBK Hospital is a tertiary care facility specialising in diabetic foot ulcer treatment. Their success rate with diabetic foot ulcer treatment is the best in the city, and their patients come from all across India to receive the best possible care. KBK Hospital's treatment standards are high enough that they have been a perfect medical tourism destination for many years. The hospital is equipped with the latest and most advanced medical equipment available

KBK Hospital is a leading hospital for Diabetic foot ulcer treatment. They offer the best facilities and skilled medical teams. The Diabetic foot ulcer is a result of non-healing of the foot over some time, because of which the patient may face serious issues like gangrene, loss of limbs, or even death if not treated in time. They have the best diabetic foot ulcer treatment in Hyderabad.

KBK Hospital has been treating diabetic foot ulcers for many years and has successfully cured many patients of diabetes. Many patients have been able to return to their normal life after successful treatment by KBK Hospital and are very happy with them. The major issue faced by most diabetic foot ulcer patients is that it is difficult to get rid of them in time without proper treatment.

Diabetic foot Hospital in Hyderabad

KBK hospital is one of the top foot care hospitals in Hyderabad that treat diabetic foot ulcer healing and prevent further damage to your healthy part of the body. Under its research division, the hospital also undertakes advanced research activities on diabetic feet. KBK Hospital is one of the most trusted diabetic foot care treatments in Hyderabad.

Diabetes is a disease caused by the pancreas not producing enough insulin or the body's cells not responding to insulin. The lack of insulin causes increased blood sugar levels. Left untreated, this can result in several complications, including damage to small blood vessels, which may cause poor circulation and even infection. In the worst-case scenario, this could result in amputation of toes, feet or legs. People with diabetes are at risk of developing ulcers on their feet due to poor circulation, making it difficult for them to heal from injuries and infections. If left untreated, these ulcers can lead to amputation of toes, feet or legs. But KBK Hospital to prevention of Amputation to give Best Treatment for Diabetic foot ulcer our experienced Doctors Team

Diabetic Foot Ulcer treatment in Hyderabad

KBK Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Hyderabad for treating diabetic foot ulcers. The hospital specialises in treating patients with neuropathy. Its mission statement "to provide quality foot care, enhance patient's life quality by providing effective and compassionate treatment" reflects its goals and policies. Let us have a look at some diabetic foot ulcer symptoms.

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Best Treatment for diabetic foot ulcer Without Surgery

Best Treatment for Diabetic Foot Ulcer without Amputation diabetic foot ulcer Without Surgery

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Long-Term Healing and Prevention:

Our treatment focuses on providing a permanent solution for diabetic foot ulcers. By targeting the root cause of the problem, we not only ensure complete healing but also minimize the risk of recurrence. We believe in empowering our patients to regain their mobility and live life to the fullest without the constant worry of recurring wounds.

Why KBK Hospital?

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Diabetes is a worldwide disease, and many people have unnoticed its symptoms for a long time. In some cases, people can get to know after a long time that they have diabetes. Persons with type 2 diabetes can't recognize the symptoms as it develops slowly. Different factors are there that can increase the chances of diabetes. Such as family history, high blood pressure, and excess weight gain. If you are feeling any of the symptoms, then consult with the best doctor for diabetes in Hyderabad.

Foot care is more important for people who are suffering from diabetes. Diabetes creates many complications, such as nerve damage to poor blood flow. These issues create different foot problems. One of the major complications is diabetic foot ulcers. This is very painful, and if you leave it untreated, it can lead to amputation. For this, it is necessary to consult with the diabetic foot specialist for the diabetic foot treatment.

  • People with diabetes have a higher chance of developing a diabetic foot. Also, it is a very painful experience. To manage this situation, you need to consult with healthcare professionals to get the right guidance. With this, you need to follow these points to control diabetic foot ulcer.
  • Clean it with lukewarm water, then make it dry properly.
  • Dress it if there is any wound, and check regularly.
  • Don't walk for longtime in bare feet.
  • Check your blood pressure and control your diabetes.
  • Wear socks that should fit you properly and change them daily.
  • Visit KBK MUltispecialty Hospital to get more care for your diabetic foot.
  • Diabetes affects many parts of the body. It causes nerve damage with poor blood circulation, which leads to multiple foot problems. One is neuropathy. It happens due to a damaged nerve. The affected person loses sensation in the feet. That means they can't feel any pain, cold, or heat in their feet. Another one is peripheral. It happens due to poor blood circulation. It slows down the healing process, and sometimes, the affected person can see blisters on the feet. If you are feeling any symptoms, then go for a diabetic foot treatment.

  • Treatment of diabetic foot ulcer mostly includes a comprehensive approach and medication. With this, some specific treatment plans are there for diabetic foot ulcer management.

  • These are:
  • Wound care: Clean that wound regularly with lukewarm water. After drying, dress it properly.
  • Stop infecting: Use proper medicine as per the doctor's suggestion, and don't walk in barefoot.
  • Make control of blood sugar level: Regularly check your diabetes so that you will get to know the percentage. Then, you can plan what to do to reduce the sugar level.
  • Compression: You can use bandages or stockings to compress feet for better circulation and to reduce swelling.
  • Find the best diabetic foot ulcer treatment in Hyderabad for your diabetic foot ulcer management.
  • Multiple natural options are there through which you can treat diabetes foot ulcers naturally. These processes will help you to get healing earlier without more infection.

  • Such as:
  • By taking the right care: You need to clean the wound with lukewarm water, then make them dry completely. Then, dressing properly and changing the dressing daily.
  • Applying aloe vera gel: Aloe vera gel comes with many natural values. It helps to heal earlier and can be a nice moisturizer.
  • Use turmeric paste: Turmeric is full of anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it will help to reduce pain and wound healing.
  • Honey: Honey helps to prevent infections.
  • The key is to identify the early signs of a foot ulcer and consult a specialist for the best diabetic foot ulcer treatment in Hyderabad.
  • Individuals with diabetes can have this diabetic food condition. Here, nerves and blood vessels get damaged due to diabetes, which causes foot problems.

  • The symptoms of diabetic foot are:
  • Swelling on the foot.
  • Loss of sensation or pain.
  • Wounds that won't heal.
  • If you control your blood pressure and diabetes, then you can reduce the chance of diabetic foot. Proper foot care and regular checkups are more helpful to prevent diabetic foot.
  • Diabetes reduces the body's immune system. Then it creates multiple complications. Diabetic foot is one of the issues. Foot ulcer is one of the common types of diabetic foot wound. If you are left untreated it can become more serious. Those people with diabetes which control blood sugar level, high blood pressure and their cholesterol level, they have lower chances to get diabetes foot problems.

    In some cases, diabetic foot ulcers can be very painful. It is caused by poor blood circulation and damage to nerves. The severity of the pain will depend on the individual, but patients need to monitor for any signs of discomfort to prevent further complications. With proper diabetic foot ulcer treatment and care, patients can reduce pain and promote healing.

    Diabetic foot ulcer treatment options typically involve: wound care, antibiotic therapy, Infection control Debridement and blood sugar control. You need to remove the unhealthy tissue and to make proper dressing to the wounds. Antibiotic therapy you can take if necessary.

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