How to Stop Gangrene from Spreading? All the Facts you need to know.

How to stop Gangrene from Spreading All the Facts you need to know - KBK HOSPITALS 2023 (BLOG IMAGE)

Introduction – Gangrene disease is a serious condition that can damage the tissues and organs in your body, leading to severe complications and even amputation. People with diabetes, particularly diabetic foot ulcers, are at a higher risk of developing gangrene due to poor blood circulation, nerve damage, and elevated blood sugar levels. However, with timely … Read more

Gangrene: What Are its Risks and Complications? KBK Multispeciality hospital


Introduction: Have you ever heard of Gangrene? The term can often conjure up images of an amputated body part, but contrary to popular belief, there is more to gangrene than meets the eye. Whether you have a medical condition that puts you at risk for developing gangrene or want to educate yourself on this serious … Read more