What are Skin infections? How many types exist, and the ways to prevention?

What are Skin infections How many types exist, and the ways to prevention KBK HOSPITALS BLOG IMAGE 2023.

Introduction – The skin becomes the first defense to protect the body from every infection. Multiple layers of the skin work together for protection to stop skin infection. The skin is the body’s largest organ and serves as a protective barrier against the outside world. When the skin is breached, it becomes vulnerable to infections. … Read more

Understanding what are Chronic skin ulcers? Their types, causes & Best treatment.


Introduction: A Chronic skin ulcer is an open sore that arises on your infected skin for more than four to six weeks. It’s also known as a pressure ulcer, venous stasis ulcer, and leg or diabetic wound. Such Chronic skin ulcer are caused by increased pressure in one particular area of the body. That means … Read more