Senior Congress leader and Former MLA MalReddy Ranga Reddy recently launched Save Organs… Save Life Poster.

Senior Congress leader & Ex MLA MalReddy Ranga Reddy appreciates the Services of KBK Hospital.

MalReddy Ranga Reddy, a former MLA from the Congress Party and a senior Congress leader has praised the KBK Multi Specialty Hospital for providing advanced treatment that requires no amputation of limbs or arms to treat chronic diseases.


On Saturday, he unveiled the “Save Organs… Save Life” campaign poster of KBK Multispecialty Hospital at his residence. On this occasion, MalReddy Ranga Reddy said that medical expenses are becoming a burden at present, and due to this poor people are not able to get modern medical care.

In this context, This campaign and free health camps have been praised as examples of KBK Hospital’s dedication to saving organs. It has been hailed as a miracle that advanced treatments can prevent amputations caused by diseases such as gangrene and diabetic foot ulcers. Malreddy recommended expanding services at KBK Hospital to reach as many people as possible.


In an announcement, he said he would support this Save Organs… Save Life campaign. Congress leader Anand, KBK Hospital Director Devulapalli Sivakrishna, Satya Sai, KBK Group representatives Visakha Rajender Reddy, Savireddy Sandeep Reddy, Chappidi Srikanth Reddy, Muddagoni Shankar, and others participated in this program.

KBK Hospital in Hyderabad has made a name for itself as the premier multispeciality hospital in the city. KBK offers patients high-quality care and services, from general acute care to highly specialized treatments. It has vast experience in fields like burn treatment in Hyderabad, gangrene treatment in Hyderabad, diabetic foot ulcer treatment in Hyderabad, etc.

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