BJP M.L.A Eatala Rajender unveils Save Organs… Save Life Poster.

Public need awareness on Gangrene Says, Etala Rajender on KBK Hospital “Save Organs.. Save Life” poster Launch.


BJP MLA Etala Rajender said that everyone must be aware of chronic diseases like gangrene, which cause millions of amputations worldwide yearly. On Tuesday, he unveiled a poster related to Save Organs… Save Life campaign undertaken by KBK Multi Specialty Hospital at his residence.

Eatala Rajender

On this occasion, he said that several thousand people are losing their legs and arms due to sugar-related diseases like gangrene, diabetic foot ulcers, cellulitis, fire accidents, and chronic skin ulcers. He said that it is surprising that such diseases can be completely cured in KBK Hospital without the need for amputation.

It is suggested that people should be made aware of such treatment. And also MLA Eatala praised the KBK Hospital for organizing free health camps along with the Save Organs campaign to bring awareness to the public. Similarly, he added that those suffering from sugar should be careful about their health care.


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