TRS MLC Boggarapu Dayanand Extends his support To โ€œSave Organs… Save Lifeโ€ Campaign.

KBK Multispeciality Hospital’s โ€œSave Organsโ€ฆ Save Lifeโ€ campaign with the intention of protecting the most priceless organs of every human being from being amputations is getting an unexpected response. 


Recently, TRS MLC Boggarapu Dayanand also supported this โ€œSave Organsโ€ฆ Save Lifeโ€ campaign. On this occasion, he unveiled a poster related to the Save Organsโ€ฆ Save Life campaign in his office.

He praised the services of KBK Hospital for treating chronic diseases without the need for amputations. KBK Hospital also organized free health camps, he said.


KBK Hospital is advised to provide more medical services accessible to poor people suffering from various health ailments. He announced that he would support Save Organsโ€ฆ Save Life campaign.

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