LB Nagar MLA Devi Reddy Sudheer Reddy unveiles KBK Hospital’s “Save Organs.. Save Life” Poster

KBK Multispecialty Hospital offers state-of-the-art treatment for various diseases that cause several lakh amputations worldwide every year. KBK Hospital, which has saved the organs of many people through the superior treatment available only in this hospital, has recently embarked on another great endeavor.

In association with JCI Super Hyderabad, KBK Hospital has started a great program with the slogan “Save Organs.. Save Life” to save organs from diseases such as gangrene, diabetes, foot ulcers, cellulitis, fire accidents, road accidents, etc. It has decided to take this program to the people and create awareness among the public. As part of this, LB Nagar MLA Devi Reddy Sudheer Reddy unveiled a poster related to the “Save Organs.. Save Life” campaign.

MLA Sudheer Reddy especially appreciated the services of KBK Hospital which cures many types of chronic diseases without the need for amputation. He said that the services of KBK Hospital which is raising awareness among the people about the respective diseases are commendable.

KBK Hospital is committed to providing quality and affordable healthcare services to all sections of society. It is also planning to start free medical camps and awareness programs in various parts of the city, to spread the message of the “Save Organs.. Save Life” campaign.

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