Save Organs… Save Life | A Social Health Initiative by KBK Multispeciality hospitals.

KBK Hospital services launch the slogan “Save Organs… Save Life”!

Every part of the human body is very important. No function of one organ is performed perfectly by another. But, every year millions of people around the world lose their limbs due to some accident or illness. They are becoming disabled.

The spreading epidemic of diabetes in every country around the world is small but its impact is huge.

Diabetes is one of the most disturbing diseases worldwide. Diabetes-related diseases account for millions of amputations worldwide every year.

Diabetic foot ulcers, gangrene, cellulitis, and other diabetic problems are aggravated due to a lack of control of the sugar percentage in the body. Reports say that these diseases cause several lakh amputations every year.

Apart from these, thousands of people lose their legs and arms due to filarial ulcers, fire injuries, and road accidents. In conventional medicine, amputation is the only treatment option for the majority of diseases due to infection. That is, if the severity of the disease is high, the rotting parts are removed.

Why not prevent this situation? If the problems like gangrene, foot ulcers, and cellulitis get worse, can’t they be eradicated without removing the legs and arms? So, KBK Hospital was born from that idea.

Therefore, with the determination to provide state-of-the-art treatment for these diseases that cause permanent disabilities, KBK Hospital jointly with JCI Super Hyderabad has embarked on a great program called Save Organs… Save Life.

The basic principle of KBK Hospital is to prevent disability caused by any accident or disease.  

Free medical health camps are organized in Telugu states with the intention of reaching out to as many people as possible and providing them with awareness about the respective diseases. 

With the slogan Save Organs… Save Life, a few hundred free health camps have already been set up. Amputation-free advanced treatment available only at KBK Hospital has saved several thousands of limbs from becoming semi-disabled.

KBK Multispeciality Hospitals is expanding its services with the aim of providing state-of-the-art treatment for diseases, injuries, and other problems that lead to the removal of organs as much as possible.

If you want KBK Hospitals to conduct a free medical camp in your area also Contact us immediately.

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