What are Skin infections? How many types exist, and the ways to prevention?

What are Skin infections How many types exist, and the ways to prevention KBK HOSPITALS BLOG IMAGE 2023.

Introduction – The skin becomes the first defense to protect the body from every infection. Multiple layers of the skin work together for protection to stop skin infection. The skin is the body’s largest organ and serves as a protective barrier against the outside world. When the skin is breached, it becomes vulnerable to infections. … Read more

What causes Back pain? It’s Symptoms, Diagnosis & best treatment.

What causes Back pain, It's Symptoms, Diagnosis & best treatment - KBK HOSPITALS BLOG IMAGE 2023

Introduction – Back pain is one of the most common problem people face nowadays. According to a report by the World Health Organization, about 80% of people experience back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain can range from mild to severe, and it can cause discomfort, difficulty in movement, and even disability. … Read more

Is Gangrene treatment possible without surgery? Get to know now!

Is Gangrene treatment possible without surgery - KBK HOSPITALS 2023

Introduction – Gangrene is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention. It occurs when the body tissues die due to inadequate blood supply. Gangrene can be caused by underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, peripheral artery disease, and atherosclerosis. The symptoms of Gangrene include numbness, discoloration, foul-smelling discharge, and severe pain. If it’s untreated, … Read more

Senior Congress leader and Former MLA MalReddy Ranga Reddy recently launched Save Organs… Save Life Poster.

Senior Congress leader and Former MLA MalReddy Ranga Reddy launched Save Organs... Save Life Poster.

Senior Congress leader & Ex MLA MalReddy Ranga Reddy appreciates the Services of KBK Hospital. MalReddy Ranga Reddy, a former MLA from the Congress Party and a senior Congress leader has praised the KBK Multi Specialty Hospital for providing advanced treatment that requires no amputation of limbs or arms to treat chronic diseases. On Saturday, … Read more

Can Burn Injuries be treated without Surgery? Learn more about it now.

Can Burn Injuries be treated without Surgery.

Introduction – Burn injuries can be extremely painful and often require medical attention. The injury’s severity and burns treatment vary according to the injury’s extent. Burns can be either superficial or deep, often leaving scars on a burn patient. Many people believe that burn injuries can be treated through Surgery only. However, there are other … Read more

Ibrahimpatnam (BRS Party M.L.A) Manchireddy Kishan Reddy launched Save Organs, Save Life Poster recently.

Ibrahimpatnam BRS Party M.L.A Manchireddy Kishan Reddy launched Save Organs, Save Life Poster.

Ibrahimpatnam MLA Manchireddy Kishan Reddy unveiled the “Save Organs.. Save Life” campaign poster undertaken by KBK Multispeciality Hospital recently on Thursday… Speaking on the occasion of the poster launch, Manchireddy Kishan Reddy applauded the Save Organs campaign undertaken by KBK Hospital to create awareness among people about gangrene disease. Many people lose their legs or … Read more

Save Organs, Save Life Poster was recently presented by Uppal BRS Party M.L.A Bheti Subhash Reddy.

Uppal B.R.S M.L.A Bheti Subhash Reddy unveils Save organs, Save Life Poster.

KBK Hospital services should be expanded: Bheti Subhash Reddy (Uppal BRS Party M.L.A) Uppal MLA Bheti Subhash Reddy wished to expand further the services of KBK Hospital, which provides non-amputation treatment for many types of chronic diseases to preserve limbs. He launched the ” Save Organs… Save Life ” campaign poster an initiative undertaken by … Read more

Rangareddy District President & BJP Party leader Sama Rangareddy recently unveiled Save Organs, Save life Poster.

KBK Hospital’s efforts to create awareness about gangrene are commendable: Sama Ranga Reddy BJP Party Leader & Rangareddy district president Sama Ranga Reddy said that KBK Hospital’s efforts to raise awareness about gangrene disease with state-of-the-art medical services without losing limbs are commendable. On Wednesday, he unveiled the Save Organs. Save Life campaign poster of … Read more

Can Diabetic Foot Ulcers be treated without Surgery? Get to know now!

Can Diabetic Foot Ulcers be treated without Surgery

Introduction – Diabetic foot ulcers are complications of foot ulcers leading to life-threatening disability if left untreated. Approximately 15% of diabetic patients develop foot ulcers, and 1 in 5 of those will be hospitalized for the condition.  Traditionally diabetes surgery is recommended to treat foot ulcers, but there are non-surgical treatment options that can be … Read more